IAMTOY Sort and Count City Wooden 27390

At a glance

  • Counting, manual dexterity, urban role play, sorting, stacking and easy on the eye when stored on a shelf!
  • Feeds the imagination, helps develop mental skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Play with the vehicles and buildings off their pegs, creating a bustling urban environment
  • Features lacing, sorting and counting functions using chunky colourful urban objects


Family run I’M Toy, established over twenty years ago, have developed a strong range of wooden and fabric toys. I’M Toy have used sustainable rubberwood, natural paints and finishes since setting up production in the late eighties. As well as following this strong environmental policy, I’M Toy also have strict safety regulations in place.

Throughout the years, I’M Toy have developed a strong reputation worldwide and have pushed the boundaries of creativity, environmental toy manufacture, production processes and safety standard within the toy industry.

The toys have been designed to help the child’s mental, physical and social development.

Shipped from United Kingdom


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