iRobot Roomba 612 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The revolutionary iRobot Roomba 612 Robot Vacuum Cleaner will make light work of your household cleaning, at the touch of a button.

  • Low profile design makes cleaning under furniture easy
  • iAdapt enables Roomba to focus its performance where it's needed most
  • Three-stage cleaning system and spinning side brush makes Roomba quick and efficient
  • The Roomba 612 features a 3-Stage cleaning system which includes optical acoustic sensors which detect high concentrations of dirt, dust and pet hair, performing focused cleaning where it's needed most.

Advanced technology

With responsive and seamless navigation, the Roomba 612 uses a suite of sensors to enable the machine to work its way around your home. The compact design and low profile allows the Roomba 612 to clean effectively under most pieces of furniture, reaching the smallest of spaces removing as much dirt and dust as possible. The Cliff-detection sensors prevent the Roomba from falling off any drops.

Thorough cleaning

The SPOT clean mode ensures accurate and effective cleaning while it performs a quick vacuum of debris confined in a concentrated area. The 612 cleans efficiently in hard-to-reach areas and tight sports such as under beds and around furniture.


The Roomba 612 automatically adjusts to clean carpets, hardwood, laminate and tile floors as it navigates through your home. The brush-less extractors prevent any tangles caused by hairs and other debris, meaning it tackles the daily build-up of dirt with ease.

Automatic re-charge

Your Roomba 612 is always ready to clean, it runs for 1 hour, then automatically recharges and resumes cleaning to complete the entire job.


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