iRobot Roomba 866 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filtration

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A deeper clean at the touch of a button, every day.

iRobot® Roomba® 800 Series Robots are the ultimate high performance robot vacuum cleaners. The Roomba 866 model features the revolutionary AeroForce™ Three-stage Cleaning System and AeroForce™ Extractors and is proven to remove up to 50% more dirt, dust, hair and debris from all floor types with less maintenance hassle.

Vacuuming couldn’t be easier than with Roomba 866. Just press “Clean” and Roomba gets on with the hard work. It finds its way around effortlessly, avoids obstacles, vacuums under furnishings and effectively cleans every area, covering the floor and focusing extra cleaning energy where it’s needed most.

Roomba 866 is ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners and it’s also virtually maintenance-free. You don’t even need to be at home to do the cleaning! Simply set up the schedule and you can go out and then come home to beautifully clean floors.


  • Navigates under and around furniture and through loose cords without damaging household objects.
  • Cleans along wall edges using a spinning side brush for the most thorough floor coverage.
  • Avoids stairs and other drop-offs.
  • Automatically charges itself between cleanings.
  • Detects dirtier areas and cleans them more intensely.
  • Works on hard floors and carpets.
  • Cleans on a schedule that’s convenient for you.
  • HEPA filter traps pet dander, dust particles and other allergens.
  • Detects the finest particles and concentrates cleaning using persistent pass.
  • AeroForce™ Extractors eliminate the hassle of hair-tangled brushes.
  • Vacuums every section of floor.
  • Detects dirt and debris and concentrates extra cleaning effort where it’s needed most.
  • Manoeuvres under and around furniture, beds and curtains.
  • Cleans along wall edges.
  • Avoids stairs, obstacles and loose wires.
  • Works in cluttered rooms without damaging furniture or fragile objects.
  • Has a full bin indicator to let you know when the bin needs to be emptied.

Tangle-Free AeroForce™ Extractors virtually eliminate the hassle of hair clogs and jams and are faster to clean than vacuum brushes. Less frequent maintenance and cleaning of the robot.

iRobot XLife™ Battery delivers twice as many cleaning cycles as previous Roomba batteries, doubling the time before a replacement battery may be needed.*

Revolutionary cleaning system delivers maximum cleaning performance to remove up to 50% more dirt, dust, hair and debris from all floor types. Tangle-Free AeroForce™ Extractors break down debris and lift dirt while the brushless design is virtually maintenance free.

The Airflow Accelerator concentrates airflow to multiply vacuum power.

The High-Efficiency Vacuum maximises the vacuum power for optimised cleaning efficiency.

5x more powerful vacuum than previous Roomba models.


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