Jack Wolfskin Women's Maryland Coat

The Womens Maryland Coat from Jack Wolfskin is windproof, warmly Insulated, quilted-style Coat will keep you snug and warm, from your head right down to your tHighs. The Coat is made almost entirely from recycled materials, so you get double the feel-good factor.The combInation of recycled Microguard Ecosphere and Stormlock Ecosphere and the stylish longer cut make this Coat a great choice for Winter city tRips and everyday wear. Light showers simply bead up and run off the surface of the outer fabric, and when you're rushIng to catch the last train home you'll appreciate just how breathable it is. The Coat has Internal Fleece cuffs for added cosIness.


  • Brand Jack Wolfskin

  • SKU A4215777

  • Weight 758.0 g

  • gender female

  • ean 4055001922079

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