Jura Coffee machine Impressa E60

At a glance

  • Type -Automatic
  • Coffee machine uses - Coffee beans
  • Water tank - 1.9 l
  • Coffee bean tank - 280 g
  • Max cup height - 1 cm
  • Milk system type - Automatic milk pipe system
  • Power - 1450 W
  • Water pump pressure - 15 BAR
  • Grounds' tray capacity in cups - 16


About product

IMPRESSA E60 – fully automatic, innovative, super easy to use coffee machine for home. Any coffee drink can be prepared very easily, maitenance does not require a lot of your attention and the exclusive body will become a great detail of your kitchen interior.


The main advantage of P.E.P.© brewing unit is that in short period of time it serves hot water in pulsatory stream directly on freshly ground beans.This helps the aroma and taste of coffee to bloom.


When you choose the drnk you want, first of all coffee machine starts to grind coffee beans. That is the beginning of a cup of an incredible coffee, that’s why Jura installed high quality conical grinders that are made from stainless steel and are long lasting. Aroma G3 grinder grinds beans a bit slower, so beans don’t get burned and the true aroma and taste of coffee can be saved.


Machine uses Claris water filters that guarantees the quality of the water and protects the machine’s water system from limescale. No need to program the filter after every time it’s changed because of installed RFID technology.

Shipped from United Kingdom


  • Brand JURA

  • UPC 7610917150823

  • Country of origin ch

  • Depth 43.9 cm

  • Color black

  • Width 28.0 cm

  • Weight 10.0 kg

  • Country Of Origin Portugal

  • Height 35.1 cm

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