Kartell Rocking Horse by Nendo Design

At a glance

  • Kartell H-Horse Transparent Rocking Chair designed by Nendo for the Kartell KIDS children’s furniture collection
  • Manufactured in clear, pink rose, light blue & yellow transparent polycarbonate colours.
  • The thick polycarbonate frame & seat is extremely strong, safe, comfortable & suitable for a wide range of children sizes.


The steel “H-beams” used in large structures such as skyscrapers and bridges are very strong and highly efficient. In cross-section they are shaped literally like an “H” and it is this characteristic that gives the structure its mechanical strength.

By applying this concept directly to a child’s rocking horse, a form has been created that displays both function and strength, even with minimum use of materials.

Transforming the use of this practical component into a different use with a sense of playfulness is the design process traceable to the history of the Kartell company.

Shipped from United Kingdom


  • Brand Kartell

  • MPN 3270

  • Length 73.0 cm

  • Width 28.0 cm

  • Height 62.0 cm

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