Kenwood Large Food Processor Multipro Sense

At a glance

  • Kenwood Multi-Pro Sense Food Processor with Scales, 3.5 L, 1000 W - Brushed Metal
  • Helps prepare veg, soups, sauces, dips, puree, chips, burgers, dough and stir fry
  • The heat-resistant thermo resist, 1.6 L blender is ideal for hot and cold food Energy saving auto-off function giving you 50% energy saving
  • A range of attachments including a patented folding tool designed to fold meringue, mousse and fruit fools as well as a dual whisk used to create the lightest egg whites, creams and mousses


The Kenwood Multi Pro Sense Food Processor and Blender is designed to be the ultimate machine to assist in food preparation tasks. It features a tough Tritan 3.5 litre bowl and a 1.6 litre thermo resist liquidiser. Kenwood's Multi Pro Dual Drive system means that both Food Processor and Blender can be operated at optimal speed from a single base. With a wide choice of attachments and functions, you can create even more great food with the Kenwood Multipro Sense food processor. Thermo Resist Glass Blender Built in weighing scales Mini bowl sits within the main bowl and is optimal for preparing smaller quantities. Knife blade, dough tool, whisk tool and fold tool Slicing and grating discs Extra fine grating and julienne discs Suitable for large family servings and entertaining.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


  • Brand KENWOOD


  • MPN FPM810

  • Shipping Depth 47.5 cm

  • Weight 15.7 kg

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