Kinderkraft MOOV Travel System Stroller

At a glance

  • For children weighing up to 13 kg
  • Large and lightweight shell made of the highest quality material
  • Baby carrier and cradle function
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Handles finished with eco-leather
  • Brake with simultaneous double push on the rear wheels
  • Swivel front wheels (self-aligning) with locking
  • 5-point safety belts with coverings


This modern travel system has it all!

The MOOV travel system combines not only the functionality, but modern design. It is maneuverable, comfortable and adapted to different weather conditions. It has a 5-point adjustable handle height making it perfect for all the family, easy to fold and with its swivel wheels its ideal for walks in the forest or simply around your town. It's extremely lightweight making travelling on a bus or popping in your boot as simple as ABC.

A number of practical accessories: legs protective cover, bag for parents, raincover, large shopping basket, mosquito net.

Shipped from Poland


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