Kinderkraft Runner Bike

At a glance

  • Improves movement coordination 
  • Robust birch wood structure
  • Wheels made of EVA foam to absorb shocks 
  • Comfortable carrying handle 


It provides child development from the youngest years. Riding a bike race allows quick learning balance. The bike race is the best alternative for bicycle with side wheels, thanks to the change to the classic bike it becomes fun and easy to master. Learning to ride a bike that is very simple and fun!

The bike is made of high quality materials. It also features a non-slip handle, comfortable, adjustable seat, durable wheels with shock-absorbing EVA foam and a convenient carrying handle. Metal reinforce the inside of the fork. FunctionsFor children aged The maximum weight of 30 kg child.

Develop the child’s ability to maintain balanceLimited steering angleCarrying handle frameAdjust the seat height of 37 - 44 cm. Handy bag on the steering wheel and bellFeaturesComfortable cloth seatHandle covered with non-slip material (rubber). Handy grip frameSolid wooden frame with fortifications. Soft seatHigh-quality wheelsSeat height adjustment lightweight design. Safe and environmentally friendly.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


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