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  • Air cooled, 300 watt direct drive motor
  • Very quiet operation
  • Single attachment hub
  • 5 year warranty


Maybe it's because we watch a lot of cooking programmes, but where there's a serious kitchen, there seems to be a Kitchenaid stand mixer. And for good reason; the Kitchenaid 175 Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer has built a phenomenal reputation for versatility and sheer build quality (over 11kg of it!) encapsulated in a classic design that never ages. The Artisan has a powerful 10 speed motor.

The Kitchenaid 175 Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer comes complete with:

Dough hook Our favourite attachment, throw all your ingredients in for bread, pasta, etc, switch on for a few minutes and you have beautifully kneaded dough. The robust hook is made of aluminium with a nylon coating to help your dough slide off. Dishwasher safe.

Wire whisk It doesn't get more effortless than this - eggs can be whisked into fluffy peaks at the flick of a switch! An aluminium head attachment with a stainless steel, 6 wire whisk.

4.83L Artisan Bowl A large polished stainless steel bowl with a handle to make life easier, this bowl is a great size for a diversity of jobs without mess

Artisan Flat Beater A great attachment for cake mixtures. Aluminium with a non-stick nylon coating, simpilicity itself to use. Dishwasher safe.

Note: The inclusion of the following two items are, apart from colour, what seperates the 175 from the 125.

Flex Edge Beater Scrapes thicker mixes off the edge of the bowl, negating the need for a spatula. Dishwasher safe.

Pouring shield A handy shield that acts as a shute when adding ingredients and prevents splashing. The robust, transparent Lexan material means you can keep an eye on your mix.

Lots of optional attachments are available for the Artisan Mixer, from grinders to a handy pasta maker (no hand needed for rolling!).

Shipped from United Kingdom


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