Kodiak Outdoor Tech Plus 2.0 Powerbank

At a glance

  • Rechargeable 10,000 mAh lithium polymer battery.
  • Super portable and lightweight.
  • USB port – 5v 1 amp for charging your devices.
  • Charge the Kodiak via one micro USB port.
  • New red power indicator lights to let you know where you stand in life.
  • Fully waterproof (IPX7) when the lid is closed and very water resistant (IPX6) when open.
  • What's in the box: Kodiak, Manual, Charge cable, ODT sticker.
  • Size: 3.16in x 2.20in x 0.61in.
  • Weight: 3.2oz.


This is the power bank legends are made of. A 10,000mAh waterproof power bank that can jump-start dead devices two at a time. One that lasts, through long days of liveblogging and long-weekend road trips complete with GPS, photos, photo editing, uploading, double-tapping, swiping, reading reviews of the diner off the next exit, writing reviews of said diner’s low-key savage huevos rancheros game, weather checking, and of course, DJing:

  • Waterproof? Check.
  • Shockproof? Yup.
  • Dustproof? Yes.
  • Twin outlets? Got ‘em.
  • Fuel gauge? True.
  • 6-LED light? Yes, the Kodiak Plus 2.0 also has a 6-LED flashlight, which is nice for both camping and power outages.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


  • Brand Kodiak

  • SKU EA634046

  • Weight 3.2 oz

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