Korg AW-4 Guitar Tuner

KORG's clip-on tuner can easily at the head plate of your instrument so as to easily and accurately. The new pitch crow-G is the latest increase in KORG's clip-on tuner series in the guitar and bass range. The Pitch crow is the most compact all fully equipped clip-on tuner. Be optimized design includes everything you need for quick tuning needs. It is about 20% smaller and lighter than the previous models from KORG. The Pitch Crow has a vibrant color LCD display, as well as the possibility to switch between guitar and bass tuning modes. A new high-precise fine-tuning function enables accurate estes votes up to a value of ± 0.1 cent. The battery life is three times longer than the previous devices. In this way, about 24 hours of continuous operation possible. Forty years after the world's first tuner with needle display, it KORG pride, the new standard in terms of accuracy and reliability in clip-on tuners: The Pitch Crow RE-4G.

Highlights & Details

  • Ultra-compact and light. The practical design allows quick and easy.
  • Bright, colored LCD display for good visibility
  • Switchable between guitar/bass mode, as well as between standard and Capo mood
  • Warning of uberwicklung the E-string
  • Up to 24 hours battery life


  • Brand Korg

  • UPC 4959112134249

  • SKU 1763261


  • Country of origin jp

  • Color black

  • Length 56.0 mm

  • Width 63.0 mm

  • Weight 21.0 g

  • Height 25.0 mm

  • ean 4959112134249

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