KORG's GA-2 MG is a stylish, compact, lightweight tuner for guitar and bass. It's easy to use, accurate and has a large LCD display that clearly shows the note and string name. There's also a needle-style meter that has a quick response time and red and green LEDs on the left and right of the device that show any differences between the note on your guitar and the reference pitch. The calibration is adjustable and the tuner has a detection accuracy to within 1 cent. The KORG GA-2 MG supports 7-string guitars and 6-string basses too.


  • Brand Korg

  • UPC 4959112159136

  • SKU 1542422


  • Country of origin jp

  • Color black

  • Length 60.0 mm

  • Width 100.0 mm

  • Weight 67.0 g

  • Height 16.0 mm

  • ean 4959112159136

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