Laundry bag - Kaaita

At a glance

  • Put together from felt squeezed from plastic bottles
  • Durable handles for easy portability
  • Sewn with skilled hands in Slovenia
  • XL Laundry bag


Mobile furniture is here to serve you wherever it's needed. It gives you support and relives you of stress in all matters of style. This reincarnation of many plastic bottles is big enough to hold any personal collection of towels, underwear, trousers and shirts. Its favourite occupation is being a perfect laundry bag.

If one could fit simple, sustainable and design into a single word, it would be Kaaita. Kaaita is a dynamically organised company that focuses on the sustainable production of smartly designed goods. The company is organised as a hardworking network of creatives and craftsmen. Together we create a virtual manufacturer that produces charming products with strong identities and inspiring stories.

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