Leschi Eye Mask Stella the Owl

At a glance

  • Leschi Eye Mask
  • Designed in Berlin, produced in Europe
  • Darkens completely, enabling deep sleep
  • Removable inlet can be cooled or heated
  • Practical travel accessory: sleep undisturbed in trains and planes
  • Elastic headband for individual adjustment
  • Placed cool on the forehead: relieves headaches and soothes the mind


With Stella the owl, you’ll find as much darkness as in the forest at night. Close your eyes and enjoy a restorative sleep. In the meantime, she’ll keep her big owl eyes wide open, shrouding you in her feathery-soft pinions and watching over your peace.

Would you like even more relaxation, the owl’s brought a little grain pillow along. Put it warmed or cooled into the owl, however it suits you best, and then lay it on your face: It will freshen you up and is pleasing to the eyes.

Shipped from Germany


  • Brand Leschi

  • SKU 36837

  • Weight 140.0 g

  • Country Of Origin Europa

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