Leschi Warming Pillow - Bobby the Dog

At a glance

  • Leschi Dog Warming Pillow
  • Leschi warming pillows are renowned
  • Designed in Berlin, produced in Europe
  • Calming sleeping aid for children
  • Warms cold feet in no time
  • Soothing against belly pain, menstrual cramps or colds
  • Relief from tension (e.g. after long seated activity, such as at a computer)
  • Snugly warm for cuddly moments when it’s cold and grey outside


Bobby the dog has a distinctive feeling when it comes to finding tense muscles. While tracking them down, he just closes his eyes and lets his fine nose do all the work.

It takes no time at all for Bobby the dog to sniff his way to a comfortable place on your shoulder he knows where youre in need of some warmth. Once hes settled down there, hell radiate with a warm glow and help you to relax.

Shipped from Germany


  • Brand Leschi

  • SKU 36888

  • Weight 590.0 g

  • Country Of Origin Europa

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