Leschi Warming Pillow Luca the Fox Sand Midnight

At a glance

  • Leschi warming pillows are renowned
  • Designed in Berlin, produced in Europe
  • Calming sleeping aid for children
  • Warms cold feet in no time
  • Soothing against belly pain, menstrual cramps or colds
  • Relief from tension (e.g. after long seated activity, such as at a computer)
  • Snuggly warm for cuddly moments when it’s cold and grey outside


Warming pillow for the belly, which keeps you warm for 45 minutes. May be heated in a microwave or oven.

With his indescribable cuteness, Luca the fox inspires everyone to give him big and passionate hugs. Thanks to his gentle and trusting nature, he’s able to take an abundance of cuddle attacks calmly.

A master of deep relaxation, Luca the fox knows exactly how to unwind. If you need a short break, just warm him up, place him on your tummy and do what he does: curl up snugly and close your eyes.

Shipped from Germany


  • Brand Leschi

  • SKU 36906

  • Weight 620.0 g

  • Country Of Origin Europa

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