Lineaments S1 4 C1 Necklace

Product Description

Lineaments Necklaces: 4 shapes, 3 colours, 2 diameters simplified and reduced to distinctive shapes. Lineaments is an affordable edition of necklaces that retains the sensibility of Marina’s work. Bodily movements enhance the shapes, creating an intimate dialogue between the piece and the wearer. Lineaments Necklace is handmade by the designer in her London studio.

How Its Made

Lineaments S1 ∅4 C1 (gold colour) is made out of hand bent ∅4 brass tube and grey silk thread.


  • Brand Marina Stanimirovic

  • Material Brass Silk

  • Color gold

  • Length 24.0 cm

  • Width 17.0 cm

  • Weight 0.3 kg

  • Height 24.0 cm

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