Love Moschino Scarf Shopper Tote Bag

  • Love Moschino Shopper
  • High quality faux leather
  • Two handles (16cm high)
  • Magnetic closure
  • Logo badge on the front
  • Detachable light scarf
  • Height: 10.5 " (Size One Size)
  • Length: 16.0 " (Size One Size)
  • Width: 6.5 " (Size One Size)
  • Carrying handle: 8.5 " (Size One Size)

Moschino makes us ... not the hens, but geese luxury! Indeed, the white geese! In fact, a white goose is the mascot of the brand Moschino, full of humor and freshness, but also very lively. Since the early 80 Moschino creates clothing and accessories for the female customers with a charm exquisitely Italian. The materials are luxurious and impeccable cut, but it is hardly a surprise: Moschino is a prestigious label, adopted by the glamor queens, Ditavon Teese first of all. The line Love Moschino, more affordable, in particular proposes a range of shoes and bags of eccezione.Tutte Moschino collections are processed with detachment and a sense of theatricality. Treating yourself to a bag or a pair of shoes by Moschino means walking in a universe where glamor rhymes with humor.


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