Mamas & Papas Apollo Bouncer

At a glance

  • Suitable from birth until 6 months (approx.)
  • Vibration function to soothe your little one
  • Gentle bounce option
  • Four melodies with high quality sound


This contemporary bouncer is fused with modern design and a high level of comfort to satisfy baby and parent, including a unique and intuitive interface which makes the product simply and easy to use. Includes 'music book' insert that allows you to change baby's entertainment.

The Mamas & Papas Apollo Bouncer is a fantastic bouncer that comes complete with many features that will ensure your little one has hours of fun and comfort. Included with this bouncer is a music book, which, when inserted, activates a choice of four lullabies, great for play and sleep time. Your little one will experience maximum comfort due to the spacious oval shaped seat with padded seat cover, providing plenty of wiggle room while your baby is sat down.

With the three interactive hanging toys and removable toy arch, you can keep your baby happy while they interact and play in a calm environment. Keep baby secure and relaxed with the head hugger, which provides additional support, and the secure and padded safety harness.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


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