Miele RX1 Scout Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Smart Navigation: A gyro sensor measures turning movements, whilst the camera scans the room's ceiling, ensuring complete cleaning.
  • Triple Cleaning: provides effective cleaning using two rotating side brushes, a beater bar and a fan, to ensure all dirt is targeted.
  • Non Stop Cleaning: With a runtime of 120mins and a 150m floor capacity, you can be sure that Miele's RX1 provides sufficient coverage.
  • Advanced corner cleaning. The RX1 uses the rotating side brushes to tackle difficult corners and pull the dust to the vacuum
  • Miele Quality Guarantee: Tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use.

Imagine coming home to a clean house where the vacuuming has already been done for you. Miele's battery-operated Scout RX1 robot vacuum cleaner offers you just that! It can be programmed to vacuum on its own even when you are out. In addition to this Miele has created a reliable navigation system, which uses a combination of camera, sensors, electronics and software enables the Scout RX1 to navigate precisely and reliably.

Smart Navigation from Miele1. Indoor positioning system A ceiling camera, a gyro sensor and innovative software form the indoor positioning system. With this intelligent navigation system even difficult-to-reach areas and edges are cleaned reliably.2. Furniture protection technology Accident-free: the RX1 uses 7 anti-collision sensors and 3 anti-fall sensors to recognise furniture, steps and obstacles - preventing collisions or tumbles.3. Corner cleaning The RX1 reliably finds every corner and removes dust and dirt.

Triple cleaning system Sweeps, brushes and vacuums: thanks to the triple cleaning system the Scout RX1 removes dust and dirt extremely thoroughly.

Choose from 4 vacuuming modesAuto mode: The Scout RX1 vacuums for up to 120 minutes and then returns to the base station to recharge itself before continuing to vacuum from where it left off. Spot mode: Targeted cleaning: you can select Spot mode for cleaning specific, smaller areas.Corner mode: Twice as thorough - in Corner mode the Scout RX1 cleans difficult-to-reach corners a second time after cleaning a room. Turbo mode: Express cleaning - in Turbo mode the Scout RX1 removes dust, dirt and pet hair in half the time.

  • Smart Navigation - rooms are thoroughly cleaned
  • Indoor Positioning System - ceiling camera, gyro sensors and innovative software
  • Advanced Corner Cleaning - finds every corner, cleaning dust and dirt
  • Furniture Protection Technology - recognises furniture, stairs and obstacles
  • Triple Cleaning System
  • Cleaning Programs: 4
  • Auto, Spot, Corner and Turbo modes
  • AirClean filter
  • Timer - clean while away from home
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Capacity: 2200 (mAH)
  • Cleaning Radius: 150 m²
  • Operating Time: 120 mins
  • Recharging Time: 120 mins
  • Includes remote control, base station, adapter, spare filter, replacement side brushes and cleaning brush


  • Brand Miele

  • SKU B0175VCN6A

  • MPN 10350130

  • Color red

  • Shipping Depth 38.8 cm

  • Weight 2.9 kg

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