MTD Lawnflite BV3000G Leaf Blower


The versatile Lawnflite BV3000G is a 25cc blower vac with an airflow volume of up to 165km/h, ideal for clearing grass clippings and old blooms from the patio in summer, as well as fallen leaves and small twigs around the garden in autumn.

This two-stroke petrol powered machine is easy to start every time thanks to Lawnflite's 'Easy Pull' starting technology. It is equipped with a variable speed setting and can be quickly and easily converted between vacuuming and blowing modes at the flick of the 'QuickShift' lever.  As a vacuum, the BV3000G will reduce the material by a ratio of 10:1 via a shredding fan, ensuring good bag fill and producing shredded material suitable for use as mulch.

Lightweight at just 7kg, debris is collected into a 40 litre bag, producing mulch which is ideal for use around your flower beds and trees.

For gardeners with remote areas to clear, away from an electricity source, the Lawnflite BV3000G is an excellent choice.


  • Brand MTD

  • SKU BV3000G

  • Warranty Duration 1.0 year

  • Weight 7.0 kg

  • Power Developed 0.75 kw

  • ean 4008423855005

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