Nikolamp Tesla Pendant Lamp - Van Tjalle & Jasper

At a glance

  • Dutch Design lamp
  • Composed of slanted MDF to soften the light
  • spotted in the pages of ELLE Decoration
  • Laser cutted MDF


The Nikolamp Tesla  is a very cool laser-cut lampshade. The material is 3mm thick MDF. The lamp comes as a kit to be self assembled. Complete with wire, socket and instruction manual. This one pays homage to a hero of ours. Let there be light!

When you've been friends with someone for a long time, you know their strengths, weaknesses, and, sometimes, exactly how they think. It's the sort of connection that the duo behind Dutch label Van Tjalle en Jasper have — and utilize to best effect in their collection of angular lighting. Built by the label in Amsterdam, the Nikolamp Tesla Pendant Lamp is composed of slanted MDF to soften the light. With particular warmth, this wooden illumination—already spotted in the pages of ELLE Decoration—brings a friendly touch to any environment.

Call us nerdy, but we’re huge fans of Nikola Tesla. Thanks to this amazing scientist, we have light. So why not name a lamp after him, right? Thanks to it’s shape, light and shadow will dance together in a spectacular way. It’s basic color makes this lamp well suited for every room in the house. So, where are you going to hang it?

Shipped from the Netherlands


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