At a glance

  • Simple but not ordinary
  • Practical and comfortable design
  • Active but not hard
  • Greatly serves as a additional to the living room set


It’s a small seat which greatly serves as a additional to the living room set. Active but not hard. Simple but not ordinary. Practical and comfortable design in minimal form.

The Feo Pouf comes in three colours in regards to the frame. In addition you can choose from 2 types of wooden tops and 2 different cushions. Personalize it your way! Or combine different poufs to get it playful.

Shipped from Poland


  • Brand Noo.Ma

  • SKU puf-feo-mietowy-sosnowy-jasno-szara

  • Depth 40.0 cm

  • Width 40.0 cm

  • Height 36.0 cm

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