Short story of this table

Everything begins with a pine tree growing in Tucholski forest. Cut down tree makes its way to a local sawmill where after a proper preparation process is being transported to a carpentry shop in Mosina (near Poznań, Poland). Here starting at 6 am sharp a small team of woodworkers with huge commitment cut, glue together and form fragments of solid wood into a top, that will later be used for our coffee table. Pieces of material are specially selected so that the grains pattern would be delicate and narrow. Everyone together with their boss – Robert (woodwork master) take a coffee break.

Now the legs prepared in cooperation with a local turner are delivered. For the next few days carpenters cut and adjust detailed pieces used as brackets adding a special feeling to the whole form. Well impregnated wooden top is now being screwed together with its other pieces and all the imperfections are removed manually. Polished connection is what finally makes ours table final form. Fotlan Table is finally done – it’s being properly secured and placed in a fitted cardboard. Courier is waiting by the door. Finished, marked with your address product is now on the way to its new owner.


  • Brand Noo.Ma

  • SKU stol-fotlan

  • Depth 75.0 cm

  • Material white pigmented oak

  • Width 140.0 cm

  • Height 72.0 cm

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