Noodoll Ricebamboo Plush Toy

At a glance

  • CE certified for ages 0+
  • Made from soft fibres
  • Size: 20 x 19 cm
  • Machine washable cold
  • Hand finished in the UK


Ricebamboo is a sweet panda bear, he loves nothing more than chomping on bamboo. Everyone in Ricetown says he never stops eating! As well as eating Ricebamboo enjoys climbing trees, he likes to see how high he can climb in every tree he sees. Ricebamboo has soft navy fur with white patches and an embroidered face.

Ricebamboo is part of the classic Ricemonster collection. With many different characters to choose from it’s easy to find your monster match and start collecting the whole gang! Perfect companions both for little ones and the young at heart. Noodoll monsters are a great addition to nurseries, beds, playrooms and sofas from Noodoll Town to beyond.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


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