Numatic George Vacuum Carpet Cleaner GVE370 Hoover

The reason most people purchase a George vacuum is for his carpet cleaning abilities, but he really is capable of a lot more than just carpet cleaning.

This is the 1060w model.

Carpet Cleaning – He is primarily an “injection extraction cleaning machine” or carpet and upholstery cleaner if you prefer, and this is the reason most people buy him (who does not like nice clean home carpet). The included accessories provide everything (including the cleaning solution) so that carpets can be relieved of their staining and given a good quality deep clean. This will give a similar quality of clean to machines often hired from DIY stores.

Upholstery Cleaning – The same injection extraction cleaning process is used for cleaning upholstery, and he is supplied with a quality hand tool that will allow you to clean sofas, chairs, stairs, and even curtains. Any fabric that is safe to clean wet can be cleaned with George (and the correct chemical for the job).

Normal Vacuuming – This is where we get into the list of jobs that most people do not realise this all in one carpet cleaner can do. The GVE370 also comes supplied with a full dry kit, allowing for “normal” daily dry vacuum cleaning to be carried out like a normal dry cleaner.

Wet Vacuuming – Had a spill? With the wet float assembly (included) in place George can suck up water just as well as he can dry deposits.

Hard Floor Cleaning – Hard floors can also be cleaned using a similar method to carpet cleaning. This allows you to scrub tiles, and other wet cleanable surfaces and suck the dirty water up, rather than just mopping it around.


  • Brand Numatic

  • SKU GVE370

  • Depth 355.0 mm

  • Input Voltage 230.0 v

  • Width 355.0 mm

  • Weight 8.8 kg

  • Power Developed 1060.0 W

  • Cord Length 10.0 m

  • Height 500.0 mm

  • ean 5028965245156

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