Optimum H3000 Slow Juicer

At a glance

  • Most Advanced Slow Juicer
  • Longest Juicing Screw
  • Perfect For Vegetables
  • Easy To Clean


Optimum is proud to present the first-of-its-kind Big Mouth Cold Press Horizontal Juicer. Like its vertical juicer predecessor, the bigger feeding chute enables you to save the hassle in food preparation, juicing whole fruits in an easy, quiet (less than 64dB) and nutritious way with its sleek touch panel controls. Its high quality ceramic juicing screw ensures you get the maximum juices out of the toughest ingredients, while our strainer is made of the most durable stainless steel and PC to ensure you get the best juicing results every time.

The Optimum H3000 is also extremely easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, using our specially designed cleaning brush provided. We have also included a drying shelf so you can dry your juicer more efficiently for its next use.

With the Optimum H3000, you will enjoy all the amazing nutrients fresh from your ingredients and taste the pure goodness of the healthiest juices right at home.

Horizontal juicers work best for leafy vegetables as they usually have a narrower strainer, diminishing the occurrence of air pockets when juicing to provide an even more efficient extraction. Another key feature which allows you to extract more juice through a horizontal juicer is its adjustable end cap. The end cap places greater backpressure on the pulp than traditional juicers, enabling the horizontal juicer to be up to 12% - 15% more efficient in juicing greens. If you want to juice wheatgrass (an extremely nutritious but notoriously tough ingredient to juice), a horizontal juicer would be the perfect choice as it does not tend to foam and allows you to extract the maximum juices.

Traditional centrifugal juicers tear through and shred ingredients, making them great for harder and denser ingredients, but ineffective at juicing leafy greens. The centrifugal juicer’s spinning disc often spins at high speeds, generating heat during the process which lowers the quality of the juice and results in separation, losing the important nutrients and enzymes to the pulp. Horizontal juicers on the other hand, are the first cold press or masticating juicers specially designed to extract the maximum nutrients, enzymes and juices out of greens and fruits. They rotate at much slower speeds to crush and squeeze ingredients, producing virtually no heat throughout the process. This produces the highest quality juices where no separation occurs and the maximum juices and nutrients are extracted to ensure you end up with a drier pulp. What’s more, they are also easy to clean and can double up as a multi-purpose food processor.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


  • Brand Optimum

  • Warranty Duration 2.0 year

  • Color silver

  • Length 4.5 cm

  • Width 3.2 cm

  • Weight 3.5 kg

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