Our Generation Picnic Table Doll's Accessory Set

In summer there’s no better way to spend your time than on a picnic with great friends. This picnic tablet set has all the accessories your dolls need to head out on a whole day’s adventure in the sun.

With everything from the picnic table to a barbecue and the hamburgers to go with it, this picnic set has so much attention to detail in each accessory. Suitable for any 18inch doll, two dolls can sit and enjoy their feast so it’s perfect for dolls and friends.

The picnic table set is part of the Our Generation range, which helps children to learn more about themselves and discover new hobbies.



  • ean 062243324046

  • Country of origin us

  • Depth 18.0 cm

  • Length 36.5 cm

  • Width 31.5 cm

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