Supports HD Voice

HD Voice is the latest quality speech standard for telephony you benefit from in comparison to conventional digital telephony optimized tuning resolution. The result is a much more natural playback of the voice. Supported mobile phones compatible with all HD Voice and networks.

Voice control

To make calls or accept your minikit or your phone does not even touch! Activate the speech recognition by the keyword "MINIKIT". Tip: with the latest iphone models, you can simply speak only "Hello Siri", the function "siri without eye contact" are to be used! If you receive a call, you can simply say "Accept" or "Decline"!

The App MINIKIT NEO2 for iOS and Android

The free app offers 10 exclusive features, including:

Activation/deactivation of siri without eye contact or Magic Words

Automatic answering of SMS or rejected calls ◦ for Android users: Automatic SMS reply to during your trip incoming calls and SMS.

For iOS users: you specify an automatic voice message, the caller is heard when the call using the minikit reject.

Find your vehicle: Find your vehicle with the copilot as soon as your bluetooth-kit no longer is connected, the app automatically stores the GPS location.

Parking and driving time

Voice recognition and leads to horrible feedback Help

The best of telephony

The minikit Neo2 HD also offers all the functions of the hands-free kits from Parrot brand typical":

Automatic synchronization of the address book

Advanced Speech Recognition


Voice menue

At any time you can express the Keyword 'MINIKIT' speech recognition, then it is sufficient to name the name of the contact person you want to call.

The Parrot Dual Mode

The minikit Neo2 HD can be used via the multi-point function at the same time two telephones can be coupled. Your on your personal or professional mobile phone calls, you won't need to worry about your minikit manages this in more self-understandable way.

Thanks to the switch function, you can use both phone books to make calls: simply press 2 seconds on the touch-wheel, in order to change from one to the other phone. You can also listen to the music from your two phones!

Music via Bluetooth

The minikit Neo2 HD offers Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP). You can listen to the entire music stored on your phone and, at the same time, the voice commands of the navigation application on your phone. If you receive a call, the navigation instructions automatically switches to the pause mode and start again when you disconnect.

High Definition Sound

Clear, natural sound thanks to flat-panel technology. Combined with its powerful amplifier, it guarantees a volume of 3 W. The audio quality remains unchanged, regardless of the volume. Thanks to the signal processing system can be drastically reduced noise and echo.

Automatic Start

The vibration sensor ensures that the MINIKIT you get into the vehicle automatically turns on.

New mounting system for the sun visor

The clip is made of high-strength plastic manufactured perfectly integrated and now with all sun visors compatible, irrespective of the thickness

Compact and stylish design

A technological piece of jewelry.

4 new trendy colors

Highlights & Details

  • HD Voice Support
  • Voice control
  • MINIKIT NEO2 app for iOS and Android
  • Automatic synchronization of the address book
  • Text-to-speech
  • Music via Bluetooth
  • High Definition Sound
  • Automatic Start


  • Parrot MINIKIT NEO2 HD
  • Micro USB cable
  • USB charger for cigarette lighter
  • Quick Star instructions


  • Brand Parrot

  • SKU 1294602

  • MPN PF420104AA

  • Country of origin fr

  • Color black

  • Length 95.0 mm

  • Width 54.0 mm

  • Weight 67.0 g

  • Height 45.0 mm

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