Philips BHD176/00 Hair dryer Black - Violet

Product Overview -

The Philips DryCare per AC hairdryer has a professional AC motor, the air for fast and professional results on up to 95 km/h is accelerated. Thanks to its low weight is the hairdryer also very user-friendly and offers comfortable hair drying.

Gloss and styling -

The ion function enables drying without any static charge. Prevent static charging, maintaining the negatively charged ions hair and smooth the outer shed layer for hair. The result is smooth, healthy hair that shines.

Housing -

The Philips DryCare Pro hairdryer has a compact and lightweight design for a comfortable use. The grip is ergonomically designed and therefore easy to grasp and hold.

Cold air -

The cold air setting is a professional function, which you do not want to compromise. It offers intensive cold air to fix your style.

AC motor -

The Philips DryCare per 2200 W has a powerful AC motor and was developed for the professional market. It accelerates the air to up to 95 km/h for quick and effective results.

Volume diffuser -

The diffuser distributes the air flow to the entire hair, gives him more volume and smoothes the hair. Attach the diffuser with its finely structured pins close to the hair roots for more volume and perfectly defined curls.

Power: 2200 W -

The DryCare Pro hairdryer has a fast, powerful air current with 2200W of professional drying and styling.

Thermo Protect Temperature -

The thermoprotect temperature setting offers the optimal drying temperature and additional protection against overheating with the same strong air current for gentle, optimum results.

Precise control -

Easy to define and control of temperature and fan settings for a perfect styling. You can choose from 3 heat and 2 speed settings for full control and precise drying and styling.

Highlights & Details

  • Six flexible blower and temperature settings
  • With 7 mm styling nozzle and diffuser
  • Ion function with anti-FRIZZ effect


  • Fast drying, leistungsst. AC motor
  • Air flow up to 95 km/h
  • Cold, cold air to fix your style
  • Thermo protect temperature setting
  • Ion function
  • Lifting eye
  • Diffuser
  • Styling nozzle.


  • Hair dryer
  • User manual.


  • Brand Philips

  • EAN 8710103709046

  • SKU 1572910

  • MPN BHD176 00

  • Country of origin nl

  • Color black

  • Cord Length 1.8 m

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