Philips Lighting Hue Motion detector

Philips Lighting 62547400 Motion detector 1 pc(s)

Using Philips Hue for the first time?

Philips Hue lighting control requires A) a Philips Hue Wireless Dimming kit. An easy and very straightforward way is connecting your Philips Hues light to a Philips Hues switch. B. Using the Philips Hue Bridge together with the Philips Hue app gives you the full connectivity experience. There are two ways of getting your hands on a Philips Hue Bruidge. (1) Buy one of the starter kits that includes Bridge and lights. (2) Buy a standalone Bridge, use it as main hub, and assemble your very own Philips Hue system.


Smartphone/tablet and router required. Screw in the bulbs. Connect Bridge to mains supply (PSU included). Hook up the Bridge to your router (LAN cable included). Download and install app. Follow the guidelines. Lights are automatically added and can be controlled via the app.


  • Brand Philips

  • EAN 8718699625474

  • SKU 1900485

  • MPN 1900485

  • Country of origin nl

  • Material Plastic

  • Color black

  • Length 7.6 cm

  • Width 6.4 cm

  • Height 7.6 cm

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