Phillip Grass Companion Jr. Oak Seat

At a glance

  • Fine craftsmanship and beautiful materials of the highest quality
  • Produced in Denmark and Germany
  • Solid wood seat
  • Powdercoated steel tubes


Founded in 2014, the Danish design & interior brand Phillip Grass strives to create furniture with an inspiring and vivid presence that gently blurs the line separating art from function. Poetic and imaginative elements enhanced with a subtle touch of humor are at the heart of Phillip Grass’ design philosophy. The sophisticated objects created by Phillips Grass challenge the conventional division of sculpture and furniture by merging the two harmoniously, and allowing the objects to take on a life of their own. Phillip Grass, the founder and designer, started his creative work as a craftsman producing wooden sculptures. His skills in woodwork was of great use in building a solid foundation for his cabinet making skills, which in turn formed the basis for his future design work with furniture.

Companion Jr., the humorous and sculptural stool for children. A long lasting friend for the home. The solid oak wood seat is coated with an ultra matte, long lasting clear coating. The white part of the seat is painted and the black eye is turned of solid wood and painted.  The base is made of powdercoated steel tubes. 

Furniture from Phillip Grass is produced in Denmark and Germany with fine craftsmanship and beautiful materials of the highest quality. 

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