Pipsy Koala Unisex Changing Bag with Changing Mat, Messy bag and Bottle Insulator

An incredible choice in changing bag, this Unisex themed carrier from Pipsy Koala features chunky zips, an abundance of pocket and its own changing mat, bottle insulator and messy bag.

It looks great, mixing a sleek black with a gently curving top, contrasting piping and little silver details so as to not to stand out from any other satchel. Both Mum and Dad can take it out and about and swap it between them without changing anything to the exterior.

The design features an embossed silver logo on the front and on the zip. It's lightweight to carry, has a wipe clean surface and the sturdy wide base means you won't have to prop the bag up against anything if you need to change your baby at a moment's notice.

Bag Contains:

Fold Up Mini Padded travel Changing Mat

A bottle insulator to fit wide neck bottles

Messy bag for holding used nappies hygienically

Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 40


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