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Fresh herbs are vital to almost any good meal, but with their appetising pleasure comes the pain of waste—leaves wilting in the fridge when you can't use them all. Growing your own is the answer, but the watering and care required can be off-putting for busy, not-so-green thumbs. Finnish label Plantui has the solution: a soil-free Smart Garden that waters itself with an automatic pump and lights the plants for encouraging growth. Suitable for herbs, salad leaves, or edible flowers, the Smart Garden grows 6 plants at a time, each in handy capsule form. The 'roof' can be extended upwards as the plants grow and in 6 weeks: voilà, fresh greens. Let the garden do the work.


  • Brand Plantui

  • Color grey

  • Material LED, Plastic

  • Weight 3.0 kg

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