Playmobil Polar Ranger Headquarters

At a glance

  • The dome of the headquarter can be removed for playing access in the laboratory.
  • The research laboratory is equipped with several lab tables and screens.
  • The energy research unit is located in the center of the laboratory. Here, the ice cores can be picked up and examined. The combination of the ice cores and the energy crystals creates cool light effects.
  • The dome on the roof of the building illuminates the light of the ice cores and also starts to light up.
  • The energy research unit is equipped with an auto-power-off function.
  • On the defensive wall, the giant cannon is attached and used to defend against the ice pirates. There is also a secret plug-in for the energy crystals.
  • The cover of the secret button can be raised with the included ax.
  • Shipped from United Kingdom




  • MPN 9055

  • Depth 14.2 cm

  • Length 51.5 cm

  • Width 34.8 cm

  • Weight 32.0 g

  • Language Italian

  • EAN 4008789090553

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