Rebo Safe Jump 7FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure - Pink

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  • Rebo 7FT Safe Jump Range Trampoline
  • Small size with large amounts of enjoyment
  • High quality, durable product that will keep your family happily


For younger children and parents with smaller gardens Rebo have created the Rebo Safe jump range, a practical safe design that makes up for its small size with large amounts of enjoyment! Your kids will love this pink trampoline.

These mighty little trampolines comes complete with safety enclosure meaning children as young as 3 years old can enjoy a good bounce, with adult supervision or course, but then what parent would want to miss the smiles and laughter that are sure to occur.

With their years of experience in designing and supplying trampolines you can rely on Rebo to produce a high quality, durable product that will keep your family happily, and safely bouncing for years to come. Value for money has never been so much fun! Warnings: Please allow a safety perimeter around trampoline. Adult supervision required at all times.

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