Russell Hobbs 1L Purity Brita Filtered Kettle

This stylish Russell Hobbs 1L Purity Brita Kettle features a built-in Brita water filter system which reduces both chlorine and limescale and traps any copper or lead that can sometimes be found in tap water. The end result is a purer tasting hot drink. The kettle will alert you when the cartridge needs replacing. The kettle itself is extremely stylish. Its body is transparent enabling you to watch the water as it boils. A soft blue light illuminates the water and increases in intensity as the water nears boiling point. Adding to the kettle's stylish design are stainless steel accents. Further features of the Purity kettle include a 360° power base, a concealed heating element and cord storage. Supplied with a Russell Hobbs 2 year guarantee.


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