Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro by Heston Blumenthal

At a glance

  • Large sealed processing bowl, 2.5L dry and liquid capacity
  • Unique 4 blade cutter for superfast processing
  • Adjustable slicing disc with 24 increments from 0.5mm to 8mm thick
  • Polished die cast metal motor base for durability and good looks
  • 2000 watt heavy duty direct drive motor with 25 year warranty
  • On, off and pulse controls
  • Rigid stainless steel blade attachments for precision cutting and durability
  • Practical storage container for all attachments
  • Supplied with additional small processor bowl for smaller recipes
  • LCD timer display
  • Dual 14cm feed chute allows processing or lengthwise slicing of a wide range of different sized ingredients
  • Parts include dough blade, quad blade, mini blade, whisk discs, julienne disc, chipping disc, reversible grater shredder, adjustable slicer


The Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro 3.7L comes with a massive 2000 watts of processing power and an impressive choice of attachments and unique features. This die cast metal base food processor provides a stable and attractive work station for all your food processing tasks. The heavy duty motor is guaranteed for a full 25 years, so all in all The Kitchen Wizz Pro is a safe bet for the long term with its excellent engineering and timeless good looks.

Shipped from United Kingdom


  • Brand Sage

  • SKU BFP800UK

  • Warranty Duration 25.0 year

  • Color stainless steel

  • Length 280.0 mm

  • Width 260.0 mm

  • Height 460.0 mm

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