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Sage by Heston The Smart Grill Pro - 2400W high sear grill with Element IQ and integrated probe.

Precise, efficient, accurate grill with integrated temperate thermometer probe that knows when the food is done and ready to be removed for essential resting.

Embed element with Element IG an electronic thermostat maintains intense searing heave, event on really thick cuts by detecting heat loss and providing rapid heat directly when needed.

Open flat BBQ Mode - folds flat for an open BBQ effect with fat drain g from both cooking plates into one drip tray.

Smart settings with rest indicator - 5 Meat Settings: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry and Fish with 4 cooking preferences Rare, Medium Rare, Medium and Well Done. Will alert when produce is at required temperature to be removed and rested.

Integrated Probe with Sage Assist Loop - for precision exact cooking but handy storage for use in grill and open BBQ positions.

Fully adjustable height and tilt - accommodate a vast range of thicknesses of meat and adjust tilt for perfect fat drain off or perfectly flat for grilling eggs, pancakes and toast.

Interchanges plates - choose your preference for cooking flat griddle or ribbed grill.


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