Samsung HW-N650 360 Wireless Soundbar with Sub Woofer - Black

  • Be immersed in a panoramic sound experience that's second to none with powerful and pure audio from 8 individual speakers, including Acoustic Beam technology
  • Instantly add atmosphere to a party or wind down after work by wirelessly streaming your music to your Sound bar
  • Keep your space neat and tidy with a seamless and simple wireless connection to your Samsung TV
  • Make movie nights spectacular and create the ultimate 4k entertainment system by pairing your Sound bar with a Samsung QLED TV and Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
  • Samsung offers a more flexible audio solution: a wireless subwoofer, enjoy the power of deep bass from a subwoofer you can place anywhere in the room - without extra cables

Discover the future of cinematic sound bars led by Samsung’s N650 delivering an incredible new audio experience for your home. Featuring unique Acoustic Beam technology, the N650 immerses you in the action of your favourite movies and music concerts. 6 speakers deliver crisp and clear high frequency tones, while the mid-range drivers produce warm, detailed notes. The dedicated centre speaker brings the screen to life for the best incredible movie reproduction. A separate wireless subwoofer backs these up with a deep bass. Engineered in Samsung’s state-of-the-art audio lab, the N650 features specifically designed up firing Acoustic Beam technology for a truly panoramic sound experience. Gone are the days for only viewers in a small sweet spot enjoying the best possible audio quality - with Samsung's N650 everyone is surrounded an amazing audio experience. Compliment your audio experience with the best picture quality with the QLED or PUHD Ultra HD Certified TVs and Ultra HD Blu-ray Player and discover a whole new dimension of entertainment.


  • Brand Samsung

  • SKU HWN650

  • MPN HWN650

  • Depth 0.0 mm

  • Color black

  • Width 0.0 mm

  • Weight 0.0 kg

  • Height 0.0 mm

  • EAN 8801643214500

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