Schleich Great Adventure Waterhole

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  • Hand Painted
  • Highly Detailed
  • Made of high quality plastic


The Timbavati is a South African river and at the same time is the name of a beautiful wildlife reserve in the Kruger National Park. The "big five" can be marveled at here. This term refers to five specific mammals: the African elephant, the black rhino, the African buffalo, the lion, and the leopard. In the past they were big-game hunter's coveted trophies, but today they are protected by the gamekeeper. In the Timbavati Game Reserve you can sometimes even discover rare white lions.

Numerous slots for plants

Due to the plants, the waterhole is attractive to animals since they can hide from predators. The individual plant parts can be plugged together.

Hiding in the burrow

Additionally, it is the water source for smaller animals such as snakes and scorpions. The snake, for example, can be wonderfully hidden into the burrow.

Hiding in the rocks

Little adventurers can enjoy themselves too! Among the big stone, the smaller critters, such as the centipede, hide.

Variable Arrangement of Branches

The big tree in the middle of the body of water can be unfolded. Thus, creating a bridge on which the animals can balance on the other side over the water from one.

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