SES Wood Crafting Kit XL

At a glance

  • Wooden components in various shapes and sizes
  • It's easy to hammer the connecting pins into the blocks with the wooden hammer
  • Make the most fantastic vehicles
  • Including wheels
  • Clear instructions included


Introduce your child to woodwork, giving them confidence and building skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and concentration. Kids will love making their very own models and products, giving them a real sense of achievement and providing an excellent rainy day activity.

Shipped from the Netherlands


  • Brand SES

  • SKU B003E9ZEIM

  • MPN SES14946

  • Depth 5.0 cm

  • Material wood

  • Length 34.0 cm

  • Width 25.0 cm

  • Weight 5.0 g

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  • Store price £30.00

  • Save up to 38%

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  2. £18.60


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4.5 out of 5(18)

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