Signature Quilted Backpack by Stephen Joseph

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  • Signature backpacks by Stephen Joseph
  • Bright and colourful
  • Finished with amazing embroidery, appliques and buttons


This is the signature line of the perfect, bright and colourful quilted backpacks from Stephen Joseph are perfect for any child as the pop off to Playschool, Nursery or Primary School.

Finished with amazing embroidery, appliques and buttons for added effect other children will be jealous of these amazing backpacks. This gorgeous Shark design will surely be a hit!

Each quilted backpack is made with 100% cotton twill outer and 100% polyester padding with nylon lining. With a drawstring closure with cord lock as well as a magnetic snap flap closure. They have adjustable straps and a black loop. They measure approximately 30 x 34 cm.

Shipped from the United Kingdom


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