Smoby Kids Dolls Play Baby Station Nursing Centre

At a glance

  • Features: Three separate areas; Bathroom, Kitchen and Bedroom, Bathroom accessories; Detachable bath, 2 Care pots and 1 Soap box, Kitchen; Chair, Stew-pot, Heart plate, Spoon, Feeding Bottle with teat, Hotplate and 2 lower storage spaces, Bedroom; Moses Blanket, Phosphorescent bedside lamp, Cradle and Hangers. Fabric with baby nurse colours, Machine washable, Foldable unit on wheels
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Dimensions: L69 x W52 x H66cm
  • Weight: 6.5kg


This children's toy is great item for young children to play and develop real life skills at the same time. This 3 in 1 baby station has three separate areas that resemble the home, with a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. The bathroom is to the middle of the unit, has a detachable bath with care pots and soap box. The left of the item has the kitchen area with high seat, stew pot, heart plate, feeding bottle with teat, hotplate and 2 lower storage spaces. The right of the item is the bedroom which has a Moses blanket, phosphorescent bedside lamp, cradle and hangers. Kids will love playing with this folding baby station and all of the fun accessories, whilst learning real life skills at the same time. Please note: Suitable for age 3+ Please note: Suitable for dolls up to 42cm. Dolls not included.

Shipped from United Kingdom


  • Brand Smoby

  • SKU B016QN92EY

  • Depth 52.0 cm

  • Color pink

  • Material Plastic

  • Length 69.0 cm

  • Width 66.0 cm

  • Weight 6.5 kg

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