Solis Teppanyaki At Home

The Solis Teppanyaki at home is a great way of entertaining family and friends at the table. Food can be cooked quickly and easily in front of them for the full Teppanyaki experience. The solid stainless steel grill plate is 4mm thick with integrated heating elements for even and quick heat distribution. Each side of the cooking surface has variable and independent cooking controls with regulator lights, red - heating up and green - ready. The cooking surface itself is 40 x 30cm and features a grooved channel around the edge for the drainage of juices and oils away from the cooking. The Teppanyaki includes a collection drawer for oils and fats to drain into and collects food waste and fluids from when cleaning the cooking surface. The Solis Teppanyaki comes complete with two metal cooking spatulas and a dome for steaming burgers and covering over food for cooking through, whilst protecting retaining moisture. 2000 watt power.


  • Brand SOLIS

  • SKU 97928

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