At a glance

  • Somfy Home Alarm is a smart, reliable and elegant solution that sounds the alarm before intruders can get inside.
  • If unusual activity is detected, the siren triggers a powerful 110db alarm and a push notification is immediately sent to the user's smartphone.
  • Ease of Installation: No wires or drills, easy WiFi set-up with no need to remember a password if set up from an iOS device.
  • Secured communication (bank level SSL encryption to Somfy Cloud and encrypted wireless communication between all elements).
  • Autonomous operation in case of power outage as all elements are battery powered.


Somfy Home Alarm is built to ensure truly reliable security that adapts to your daily life. Each component has its own role to play.

The Somfy Home Alarm Starter Pack is a smart, reliable security solution that alerts you BEFORE a break-in, thanks to Somfy’s patented IntelliTAG™technology. Once connected, the Home Alarm Starter Pack is very easy to install and control from your smartphone. It is ideal for a house and can be adapted to suit your needs by adding products from the “Somfy Protect” accessory line. Unlike traditional detection systems, the Somfy Home Alarm puts deterrence at the forefront, to prevent breaking instead of react upon it.

Manage your system

Arm and disarm your security system easily and see who’s home or not at a glance.

Improve your security with Smart Activation

Let your system assist you in arming and disarming your home security.

Always know what’s happening

Watch over your home from anywhere at any time.

Dissuade burglars by alerting BEFORE a break-in

The Home Alarm Starter Pack detects break-in attempts BEFORE an intrusion thanks to its

IntelliTAG™ door and window sensors. This patented sensor analyzes vibrations and alerts (local

siren and transmission of smartphone notifications) if a break-in attempt is proven to have


Finally, stress-free daily living

Thanks to the hands-free disarming key fob, the system recognises users and automatically

disarms the alarm when they come home. Forget about keypads, codes and false alarms!

With the kids feature, you receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as your children

come home from school.

Create a community of trust to watch over your home

The Somfy Home Alarm Starter Pack is the first system that allows your loved ones (friends,

neighbors, family, etc.) to keep an eye on your housewhen you are away.

To go further, you can also take advantage of an on-demand remote surveillance service without

any commitment (subject to subscription).

Customize your solution

Based on your needs, you can complete your Home Alarm Starter Pack system with “Somfy

Protect” security accessories sold separately: 112 dB outdoor siren, additional 110 dB indoor

siren, IntelliTAG™sensors, key fobs, indoormotion sensors, surveillance cameras, etc.


  • 1x 110 dB indoor siren
  • 1x IntelliTAG™ sensor
  • 1x key fob
  • 1x indoor motion sensor
  • 1x Link (the hub, which can be easily plugged into an electrical outlet)


Free application for iOS 9 and higher, Android 4.4 and higher

Automatic recognition of peripheral devices by the hub


Combine with up to 50 sensors (IntelliTAG™ or motion sensors) 50 key fobs, 2 indoor sirens and 2 outdoor sirens, 4 video devices (Somfy Security Camera, Somfy One or Somfy One+) and 2 radio extenders.

Wireless communication

Bluetooth 4.0

"Somfy Protect” 868Mhz radio module

868MHz long-range LPWA communication

Wi-Fi compatible

802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)

Open,WEP,WPA2,WPA/WPA2 mixed mode


Power outage detection and backup battery (6 hours)

Permanent supervision of wireless radio connection between the various system components

Jamming detection/encryption of all wireless radio communications

Radio ranges

200 m (in open air) between the Link and the IntelliTAG™ sensors, the siren and the motion sensor

50 m (in open air) between the Link and the key fobs


“Somfy Protect” and “Myfox Home Alarm” security accessories

TaHoma – Nest - Amazon Alexa – IFTTT


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