Sony PlayStation VR, PS Camera V2, VR Worlds, GT Sport Dedicated Head Mounted Display


  • Don't play alone, experience the game: From the moment you set up PlayStation VR, the new virtual reality system for PlayStation 4, you experience games in a whole new way. You are the center of the action and experience every detail of fantastic new worlds, making it seem like you are really in the game.
  • Never stand still, PlayStation innovation: PlayStation always offers experiences beyond our imagination, from 3D gaming to applied reality. This heritage is taking a leap forward with PS VR.
  • You can now move beyond the screen and into the game. Play it, experience it, It feels like you're really there: You've played games that made you forget about time. But what about games that make you forget where you are? That is what PS VR will do dragging you into a game that gives you the unparalleled feeling that you are actually in the game.
  • Do you have a PS4? Then you are ready for PS VR. Simply connect and play. PS VR is made possible by PlayStation 4, so you can easily connect the two and enjoy new experiences in seconds. The playing limits are pushed: PS VR lets you play in ways and places you never thought possible thanks to an advanced, adjusted OLED screen that displays images with a super-smooth 120 Hz image, 360-degree visibility and real 3D audio that lets you play sounds can hear around you.
  • So you can completely immerse yourself in games specially developed for PS VR, including RIGS Mechanized Combat League and VR Worlds. Developed for everyone, designed to give you the feeling that it is not there: The headset is designed to be as light and comfortable as possible. You can effortlessly put the headset on and off, while the minimum weight is supported by an adjustable headband that is suitable for everyone.
  • Play together, immerse yourself in it, let others participate: Let others enjoy a game with or against you with the PlayStation VR Social screen. Project what you see in your headset on a TV screen so that others can get involved in the action. You can let others participate while you immerse yourself in your own world. Let others enjoy a game with or against you with the PlayStation VR Social screen.

Note: This item includes an EU Plug and will require a UK Plug Adapter to work in UK.


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