Sony SmartWatch 3 Fitness and Activity Tracker - Sport Lime Green

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  • Combined state-of-the-art SmartWatch and life-logging accessory powered by Android Wear
  • Intuitive, interactive device feeds you personalised information as you move while keeping you updated with notifications direct from your smartphone
  • Packed with enhanced sensor technology, it logs your activity then displays it along with graphics in the Lifelog application
  • GPS keeps track of your location and movement, gyro-technology works out direction and the accelerometer senses whether you are walking or running
  • Use it to control your network of devices, browse tracks and move between media on your smartphone, tablet or Walkman

Welcome to the perfect companion for Sony products, the SmartWatch 3 from Sony. This innovative device not only features the ability to connect via Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi, but also a built-in GPS, accelerometer, and gyro.

Expand your musical library with the 4 GB of internal memory, and track your life with the Lifelog app. Here you can find an app for everything, as Android Wear is forever expandable. As developers create new ways for you to customise and enjoy the Android Wear experience, your SmartWatch 3 becomes increasingly personalised.

With high resolution 320 x 320 pixels and up to two days battery life with active use, aren’t you curious to discover how the SmartWatch 3 will transform your life?

This is the no hassle way to engage with the digital world, with messages, emails, and notifications coming through to your wrist rather than your pocket.

The SmartWatch 3 is the ultimate convenience, leaving you free to live your life without being anchored to your smartphone.

You can now take and reject calls, receive and answer text messages, read emails, scroll through Facebook, and pick up Twitter notifications from the comfort of your wrist.

Instead of a backlight, a transflective screen uses reflective elements to provide better readability in bright sunlight, so that wherever you are, whatever time of day, you can clearly see the screen.

You can store your music on your SmartWatch 3 and take it with you wherever you go, even when you leave your smartphone at home.

You’ll find all of your favourite tracks sat your fingertips saved in the 4 GB memory, and you can change songs instantly or adjust the volume with a simple swipe. Or if you’re watching shows at home, you can download the Netflix app and use your SmartWatch 3 as a remote.

Style and substance are brought together perfectly with the SmartWatch 3, with every detail carefully tuned and adjusted.

You can personalise the SmartWatch 3 with a wide variety of different wristband designs, making it your own, you can also choose the watch face that you enjoy, from a wide variety of beautiful designs.

There are also many details that you cannot see that make this smartwatch almost unique. With an IP68 rating, the water protected premium build quality and luxury materials ensure that you can take the SmartWatch 3 with you wherever you go.

Whether you want to play a game or increase your productivity, check some directions or do some online banking, the thousands of apps available to you on the SmartWatch 3 can make whatever you want happen.

Android Wear is the key that opens all the doors into apps that can transform your world.

It even has up to two days battery life under active use, so it recharges and sleeps less than you do.

Created to work perfectly in sync with Lifelog, the Sony app that enhances every aspect of your day, the SmartWatch 3 manages to fit into a small space a GPS, accelerometer, and gyro.

This gives you the chance to perfect your swing with the GolfShot app, document your pace with the iFit app, and learn exactly where your limits are – so you can break them.

Each new target is a challenge that the SmartWatch supports you with, and because it is water and dust protected, it can go with you on your workouts.

Understand your fitness in a new way with the analytics provided by the Lifelog app, and comprehend your overall wellbeing as the SmartWatch 3 can monitor your browsing time and what entertainment you treat yourself to.

Learn about yourself in a whole new way, as your curiosity is indulged.


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