Stooly Tabouret Seat 42 cm

At a glance

  • Both foldable and ultra-resistant
  • Designed with perfection
  • An inventive concept
  • Stooly is one forward-facing label


Both foldable and ultra-resistant, the versatile honeycomb structure of these cardboard stools has been designed with perfection. Its shape is designed to withstand an amazing load of 300 kg. You can sit confidently. Placed next to your sofa, bedside, playroom choose what role to give it!  It will fit anywhere.

The Parisian founders of Stooly spotted lack of space as a universal urban experience, making entertaining guests a challenge for many. Collapsible, easily stashable, and held together magnetically, their recyclable card stool is low-commitment yet durable—traits that led it to receive Maison & Objet's Fil Vert in 2016. Not only saving space, but also supporting French forestry organisation Reforest'Action with every purchase made, Stooly is one forward-facing label.

An inventive concept. The stool that has taste.  With the different colors sizes available combine the look of your stool easily with your interior. The hollow honeycomb structure is the base of the design. Its versatile shape reinforces the resistance to pressure and the cushion that comes with it allows you to distribute your weight evenly.

Shipped from France


  • Brand Stooly

  • Depth 3.0 cm

  • Length 42.0 cm

  • Width 36.0 cm

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